20+ Tricks to Charge Phone Battery Faster and Safer

 20+ strategies to charge your phone's battery quickly and safely

Regardless, we want our phones to charge as fast as possible, even if it means destroying our little digital friends! Well, there is a right way to charge your devices faster, so they will serve you longer, and there are some wrong ways! Avoid myths and try these tips!

20+ Tricks to Charge Phone Battery Faster and Safer

1. Turning off the phone is the fastest way to improve. The battery will not use any power and will charge quickly.

2. The phone charges quickly even in airplane mode as all communication channels are disconnected. That way, the battery does not miss the task of sending and receiving signals when it receives much-needed soda.

3. If you can't go without the internet while charging your phone, at least try to use WiFi. It is more energy-efficient than using your mobile network.

4. Turn off the volume and do not forget the vibration to prolong the charge. This is the real waste of energy.

5. The phone will charge faster if charged through the electrical outlet. Sure, you can use a USB to charge your computer and car, but you'll have to wait longer.

6. Use an original manufacturer's charger. It is perfectly matched to the features of your particular phone. Inexpensive and unfamiliar charging devices can ruin your battery. There have even been incidents where the batteries caught fire due to poor quality chargers!

7. If you do not go out and take your laptop to a cafe, travel, or work, it is better to remove the battery. That way, you will not be left alone with the energy you are using. Replace your computer when you move it somewhere.

8. However, it is not advisable to keep the battery constantly idle, so try to discharge and charge it at least once a week. If you are not a MacBook user, this is not required.

9. Do not place your charging phone on the windowsill next to your bed or chair, even if it seems like a good place to place it. Keep your phone out of direct sunlight or snow, even if it is not charging. At this temperature, the battery flows faster. Room temperature is best.

10. This also applies to your laptop. In winter, when you pack your laptop bag and head home, let the room warm up a bit before using the laptop. Do not allow it to overheat or freeze.

11. On average, a phone charges for 10 to 3 hours. But there is a way to charge it up to 79% in about 15-30 minutes; That would be the fastest charging feature. The battery of any phone is designed to receive a certain amount of current power and to prevent the flow of excess energy. But not with fast charging. Your phone will speed up to 79% faster, but this feature stops and the ampere returns to limited mode. This is done intentionally so as not to damage the battery.

12. If you have an iPad, use its charging adapter if you want to charge your iPhone faster. Or you can find a special fast charging adapter for Apple phones.

13. Your phone feels very hot and stuffy in a case, so remove it when it is full of juice. The battery heats up while charging. This heat escapes freely through the body of the phone and is better not to get trapped inside the case.

14. Wireless chargers are not as effective as traditional ones when it comes to speed. Yes, it is convenient and looks beautiful without a bunch of cables everywhere. If you want your phone to charge faster, wireless charging is not possible.

15. Always work with your laptop on a flat surface. The heat should flow evenly and freely. When placed on your lap or on a bed or pillow, it can overheat and damage the battery.

16. There are many tips on the internet on how to charge your phone "in just 10 seconds"! Use anything from foil to lemon! None of these half ideas are recommended by the manufacturers. Don't be fooled by online advertising - you could end up with a permanent battery and phone failure!

17. If you have an old phone, unplug it when the battery is fully charged. Charging a charged phone keeps the battery under stress. It’s like the muscles: they need to rest after intense exercise. Otherwise, after a year of overcharging, the battery capacity will be significantly reduced and the phone will start to lose power quickly.

18. If you have a new phone, it is not a big concern. The latest models have a built-in function that locks the charge while the battery is at 100%.

19. Charge the phone as often as possible, but less often. If you charge it to 100% and use it until the device is completely gone, the battery will run for 500 to 700 recharge cycles. If you drop it to 50% and plug it in for a while, let it run again, so that your battery lasts for about 1,000 cycles. This is equivalent to about 3 years if you charge the phone every day. The ideal level is to always keep the phone at 40 to 80%.

20. Still, you need to "train" your battery capacity once a month. To do this, let it run to 0% and then fully charge to 100. This "exercise" will help to calibrate the mechanisms responsible for the correct level of charge on the screen. But again, don't do this too often as it will reduce battery life.

21. Check the condition of your battery. You can download apps for Android and iPhone that show how drained the battery is and what its best performance is. The app will notify you when it is time to replace the battery. Replace the battery in any of your devices at least every 3-4 years. I know it will be expensive, but it's worth it.

22. Do not connect a laptop to the network with 100% load when you are not working. Do not charge 100% each time. Like phones, it is ideal for keeping the battery at 40 to 80%.

23. There is a myth that you should not use your phone while charging. If anyone has a problem with this, it is most likely due to a faulty (or non-original) charger. With a manufacturer-approved charger, everything will be fine. Do not overload the phone while playing heavy games, for example. Scroll through your social media, reply to emails, watch videos - great when charging.

24. Another common mistake is that you have to close all background applications to save power. Background Phones Modern phones are designed to avoid wasting power. That too when you start a closed application, it uses a lot more power than launching an app from the background.

25. This is a little different for your laptop. You need to download applications that speed up this process by deleting unnecessary cache files by closing useless background tasks. Make sure you find a program that is high quality and reliable. Sorry, the best ones are not free.

26. If your phone has an AMOLED or OLED type screen, it can save a lot of battery power. Set a very dark image as your wallpaper. This screen contains an organic light-emitting diode. It sounds fancy, but it basically emits light when an electric current passes through it. Blacklight is not allowed (except where icons are present), so the screen does not light up and it consumes a lot of battery.

27. If you go out but can't leave the laptop, you can use a solar battery charger. The downside is that the speed of your load depends on the weather. Sunlight, fast charge. Do not leave the laptop in direct sunlight. Cover it or place it under a tree in the shade. If it is hot even in the shade, you can use a cooling pad. Alas, working, outside, under a tree, in the shade, a calm breeze and a glass of lemonade. Can you imagine that? 


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