This is an introduction to channel memberships on YouTube.


Want to engage with your fans on a deeper level while earning money beyond Ads? Learn more.

What are Channel Memberships?

What are the Benefits of Channel Memberships?

How to prepare for Channel Memberships?

What advice would you give to those starting out with Channel Memberships?

How to Promote Channel Memberships to Your Viewers?

How to Grow with Channel Memberships?

 It allowed me to talk about my experience with channel memberships and gave me the opportunity to help you grow your presence on this platform.


 In short, channel memberships are another way to earn money directly from your viewers by offering great benefits and building a community around your channel. If I could go back in time and tell myself three things to make memberships work better, it would be 1.

 Get everything ready before posting with channel memberships. That's from planning your ad and intro videos to emoji, badges, and content strategy. Plan everything! 2.

 Always make sure your benefits are easily scalable because you may find it soon, having more members to deliver than expected and that can be overwhelming.

 3. Consider different price points with channel membership tiers. Let people spend as much as they are comfortable with. A lower price may attract more members, but having a higher price also means that you can cater to superfans who really want that 5-star experience as the benefits complement each other. Higher price tiers also have access to benefits offered at subsequent tiers.


 When you set your price, you can set one to five price levels. Some creators find that including multiple levels of membership allows them to cater to a wider range of people and provide an experience that is tailored to how different subscribers want to participate.

 While the lower price is likely to drive most members, the higher price points can drive revenue. Don't be afraid to offer more expensive membership tiers. If you consistently deliver a great membership experience, you will likely find people making their way to price points. At first, they may have just been checking out what you offer, but hopefully, you can provide them with an experience that suitably convinces them while also giving them an idea of ​​what they are missing out on by not being a top tier member. There really are fans who are willing to pay more to support their favorite channels. Your fans really want to see you succeed, and for some, a higher-priced membership option is a way to help you.


From discounted community posts to behind-the-scenes image merchandise, video ideas voting, member-only chats, and member-only live streams, you're really flexible about the benefits you're giving your members. Helping to mix things up can do something for everyone.

 Member exclusive videos Lots of fun. Since member-only videos do not affect the performance of public videos, I often find that I am bold in my member-only content and create new and interesting things that I do not feel confident about posting on my regular channel. in advance. I can be more relaxed about my production values because members generally want these videos to be personal and less credible. They want to take a look at your real-life behind the scenes. I also check the names of specific members in these videos, which brings them back for more and adds a personal touch.

 Other benefits include plain text, exclusive wallpapers, and GIFs. I think it helps to mix things up, so everyone can do something. I try to plan ahead a month in advance and communicate what’s coming up so that members can share the excitement. If a big event is coming up, I will share on my social media that members will join me in this month’s video. I try to post some of the content listed in my benefits each week, as each member pays for it every month, so you want to make sure you deliver it and bring it back for more.

 What are the custom badges?

 Custom badges are custom images that appear next to members' names on YouTube, so they stand out in the comments section. Badges change over time depending on how long a person has been a member, so members who have been with you for a long time can wear them with pride. This is a great way for members to stand out from the crowd and feel like they are part of a community of exclusive members that you create. Before you start subscribing, make sure your custom badges are designed so that people have something they want. A friend helped me create them, but if you're not an artist, you can find someone who uses a service like Fiverr and do it in a few days. Badges must be personal to you and your channel.

 The best badges are based on a joke on your channel or something about you. Don’t worry if it’s too perfect, something that will make you and your members smile. I only have one picture of my head with growing crowns! Members like it when you mention their badges in live streams or comments and wear them with pride.

 What is a custom emoji?

 Member exclusive emojis are a way for members to communicate in live streams or premieres in live chat and show their love in a way that is truly embedded for your channel. They are a great incentive to sign up for new members as they are visible to the public and can only be used by members. You may want to achieve something specially designed, but using anything that mentions in-jokes with your audience will work best. Make sure they are personal and easy to use in conversation. Remember that this is another way for members to identify and express themselves, so enjoy creating your own member-only language this way.

What should I include in my introductory video for channel membership?

 Your introductory video is your chance to gain potential members. You already clicked "Join" because they want to see what you have to offer, so here's being your real, authentic self and explain why it's worth joining. My introductory video reflects the rest of the content of the member-only content on my channel, and I tried to explain all the benefits of membership as briefly as possible. Use this video as a way to show newcomers that this is an opportunity to interact with you in a new and in-depth way. You ask them to spend their money on you, so show them how much this means to you.


The first great way people see promoting your membership will be in your advertising video. Some people take it as an isolated part of their channel, while others integrate it into their regular content. This is where he shares with fans the news that he is offering a membership option and gives some headline details about what kind of benefits he will be offering with badges, emojis, live streams, and all the news. The content you are going to do. Personally, I think it's important to remind everyone that this does not take anything away from your regular content and that it will continue to function as usual and remain independent.

 Membership is a little more, and you will be offered to those who want more content. In regular videos, I make sure to mention my members who I call the Kelgren-Fossard Club so people know this is a feature of my channel. I thank you when you helped me decide on a video idea or new marketing, and I would like to inform the entire community that it is the financial support of the club that allows me to create content-generated content for everyone. Putting member-only videos on your final screens and cards gives people an idea of ​​what they are missing out on because they are not members. It is important to keep memberships always part of the discussion to make sure people know about it.

 What is a community tab?

 The Community tab is basically the center of your membership. You're here to communicate with all your fans, but now you'll be able to upload posts or pictures for members only. This commitment to the members is great and spending some time each week keeping the area active helps maintain the membership. If this is a fun and busy place, people want to stay!

 What do I need to prepare before starting a channel membership?

 It really pays to prepare before its release, because as a creator you will find it very easy to transition, and your first members will not pay for an offer you never thought of. Before you go live, the main things you need to understand are adding perks, uploading badges, making custom emojis to make your ad video, uploading to your first members-only post community tab, and uploading your introductory video. It is also very easy to use member feedback to formulate your offer to change your benefits from time to time. Beyond that, you want to be as prepared as you can about your content plans and member engagement. Make sure your ad video runs live right away, then continue to promote your memberships and continue to create great content for your members.

 How to expand your channel members

 As with regular content, I find that my member exclusive content changes and grows. I am definitely more confident and try new things from time to time to see how members respond. Since member-only videos are not used as a reference in search and discovery, you can experiment with different content strategies. I share previews of members' exclusive content with my wider audience, but make sure fans don't miss out on regular content. Memberships are a great way to build deeper connections with your fans and get them to support you, so you can create great videos and build community.

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