How to Use the YouTube Studio Mobile App

 The YouTube Studio mobile app lets you manage your YouTube channel on the go so you can stay connected and productive from anywhere.

How to Use the YouTube Studio Mobile App

We'll show you how to use the Studio app to see your latest stats, update video details, reply to comments, and more. This app is separate from the main YouTube app used to watch videos and is designed specifically for creators.

 To use the app, you can download it from Google Play on Android or from the App Store on iOS.

Once you have installed the YouTube Studio mobile app, log in. You will first see your dashboard. Here you'll get a quick overview of your subscriber count, some high-level analytics for your channel, and insights for your latest video performance. You'll also see your recent uploads, recent comments, and any known YouTube issues.

 The Dashboard gives you a snapshot of the latest on your channel. From here, you can choose to drill down into any of these sections by tapping the box or tapping "See More." At the top of your dashboard, you will also see the Menu icon, notifications, and your account icon. The Menu icon shows the other pages you can explore in YouTube Studio, such as your videos, playlists, comments, and reviews.

On the Videos page, you will find a list of all your previous videos and live streams. You can filter by video visibility or search for a specific video or stream. You can also sort your list by most recent or most viewed. If you tap on one of your videos, you'll see a quick snapshot of the video's performance and comments. You can also share the video or tap the pencil icon to edit its thumbnail, title, description, visibility, and other settings. You'll see all of your playlists on the Playlists page.

 Here you can access a playlist to see what videos it contains along with its visibility and the number of views of the playlist. From here, you can share a playlist or watch it on YouTube. Tap the pencil icon to edit the title, description, visibility, and order of the playlist or to delete the playlist. The Comments page allows you to view recent comments on your videos. You can filter for comments posted, held for review, or likely spam. With the comments posted, you can interact with them, reply, or tap the menu icon to delete or report the comment or hide the user from your channel. If you sort by comments held for review or comments that are likely to be spam, you can approve, delete this comment, flag or hide the user from your channel. The Analytics page allows you to drill down into your channel and video data like real-time views, watch time, impressions and CTR traffic sources, and more. Touch a card to view data for different date ranges.

You will see 2 other icons on every page at the top of YouTube Studio mobile app notifications and your account icon. The Notifications icon takes you to any alerts you may have for your channel or videos. Studio's mobile notifications notify you when you see significant subscriber growth or get feedback. When you tap the gear icon, you can choose to enable or disable notifications and customize your notification preferences to receive only the notifications you want. You can also clear all your notifications by tapping here or clear individual notifications by sliding your finger.

Finally, your account icon allows you to switch accounts, manage your app settings, send feedback, get help, or go to the main YouTube app. On Android, you can also turn on dark mode here. For iOS, you will need to activate dark mode from your phone settings.

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