Day in the Life of a Japanese Housewife in Tokyo

 This is a day in the life of a Japanese housewife.

 Tomomi, a 38-year-old housewife, lives in Tokyo with her husband and daughter. Thus begins their day.

Day in the Life of a Japanese Housewife in Tokyo

Oh, this is Tommy's daughter Karin. He is three years old. You may have noticed before that everyone sleeps in the same bed. In Japan, it is common for pre-primary children to sleep in the same bed with their parents.

 That's Tommy's husband. He's a freelancer, holding a meeting this morning, so he's busy. As a Japanese housewife, Tomomi's first mission is to prepare breakfast.

 In Japan, miso soup is common because it is a traditional Japanese breakfast. So they live in a 2LDK apartment, i.e. two bedrooms, living room, dining room, and kitchen. In their second room, they have a chapel, which is a mini church. Every morning, Tomomi's husband follows a traditional Japanese custom of changing the water, making offerings, and then praying. Looks like Karin is already watching Japanese kid's shows on YouTube.

 Apparently, it is very common in Japan these days to allow children to stream their favorite content on their mobile devices. In fact, it's Carin's own phone, and it's one of her parents' oldest devices. So they eat Gomoku umami, which is a mixed style fry dish leftover from last night, NATO miso soup, and rice. It is also common to eat fermented soybeans nato for breakfast in Japan.

 As children begin to eat it as a baby, they learn to like it. Itadakimasu before each meal is common in Japan, meaning "thank you for food". Parents will inculcate this habit in their children as soon as they start eating normally. Sorry, you do not need to watch YouTube during the meal, but you can not help but press the play button. Tommy, do you watch YouTube often? It is important that Tommy and her husband teach Karin the right diet, but Karin seems to be improving rapidly.

 When did you start using chopsticks? To help kids use chopsticks these days, some give them some training like this and help them keep chopsticks accurate. How long does it take to wear makeup? How old are you? Are you really one? I think she's still a little shy, so in a few months, Karin Yuchiyan will start, i.e. Kindergarten. It usually occurs between the ages of three and five just before primary school.

 In Japan, there are also formal kindergartens aimed at working parents and adopt children from zero to five years old, but since Tomomi is a full-time housewife, enrolling her daughter is difficult. In fact, in Tokyo, enrolling children in enrollment waiting lists is a big problem because there is not enough daycare, and if you are a healthy housewife like Tommy, it is almost impossible to add your child.

 Karin, what is your favorite toy? Karin: Banana ... Apple I noticed that Karin knows a lot of English words. Are you studying her? So Karin is practicing dressing herself these days. Dressing a child seems to be the same all over the world. After Karin gets dressed and ready herself, she has time to do chores around the house. Empty the apartment and wash breakfast. At this age, Karin is old enough to play alone, so Tommy can focus on household chores. So, after finishing the morning chores, Tommy has some time to hang out with Karin. Let’s see what they do throughout the day. What do you do when you want to go on a date night? The use of baby sitters is very rare in Japan, so Tommy asks his mother to help Karin once a month so she can go out with her husband.

Looks like they have a coloring session right now. When they do, let them explore the house a little more and show you.

 In Japanese homes, it is common to have a lot of fish grills under the stove. But wait, what is this? Do you use a fish grill? Since Karin is likely to play this, she turns off the gas completely and uses infrared heaters instead. This is your bath unit, an automatic bath to fill the water to the desired level and temperature.

 While Karin is playing alone, Tommy takes advantage of this free time to work on his blog. So what's your blog about? From time to time, they give seminars to that person and the people around them on how to deal with and know your own emotions in order to lead a more creative life. Oops! Looks like Karin wants to play with her now. As part of being a mother, Tommy consciously prioritizes Karen’s needs, so she often has to quickly change her approach to caring for her daughter. Sorry, he does not want to clean toys.

 Now they are ready to go to the park. So Karin is at an age where he wants to do everything on his own, so Tommy must have some patience to allow his daughter to grow up in these experiences. However, this may take some time. Finally! Outside the door. This is "mamachari" which means mother's bike. It is marked with a recessed central frame that allows for easy assembly and disassembly. In fact, people don’t drive much in Tokyo, so it’s common to have a bicycle, and in recent years, many of the new Mamachari have been equipped with electric pedal-assist motors, making transportation much easier for Children.

 In fact, you will often see mothers with a baby in the child seat on the front handlebars and adult children in the back. Tomomi believes that as part of raising a child, it is important to allow his child to play outside. So he regularly takes his daughter to the park. So how long do you play in the park? Well, that's a lot of playtimes. So moms sometimes talk to other moms in the park, but in Tokyo, people don’t often talk to strangers. Then making friends is more difficult. Also, Karin often makes friends on the playground, but I guess she doesn’t feel that way today. So Karin wanted to take her white shoes to the park, and her mother wanted to bring them because they would be dirty. Look what happened. Now they stop by a local butcher to buy meat for dinner. Awww. Karin erased from that game. Do you have a policy on how to raise carp? You now have some time to work on your own stuff, so you use it to build your new website for your business.

 Oops! Your husband came home. Tomomi says he really appreciates that he is ready to raise Carin together. In fact, it is common for most housewives in Japan to do just that. It is very common to have a word for it: "Vanop Omikuji". The acronym for this is: "Raise a child in an operation", which includes all household chores. In particular, recent surveys show that men in Japan do an average of 18.3% of household chores and raise children, while women do 81.7%. This is the highest percentage of the 33 major countries in the world. Oops! They seem to be making the cake now. Tomomi believes it is important for her daughter to learn to cook so she can get involved in the process; Provides mini-tasks that you can complete on your own. Do you make a cake with a mold? Built-in ovens for kitchens are very rare in Japan due to lack of space, so you will find many innovative products like this and other creative ways of cooking.

Oh, no! Karin is a little attractive as she does not want to eat without milk. Maybe she's still a little tired of playing outside. However, Tomomi seems to handle this well. Now is the time to prepare dinner. Karin offered to help, so Tommy was more than happy to set her up and wash the rice.

 So, before marriage, Tomomi never cooked, but she says she later learned from her experienced friends. How do you decide what to cook every day? So Tommy's husband has to go to work, but no one is happy about it. (KARIN CRIES) Well, Tomomi is here to comfort and play with her daughter. Now Karin asks him to become a cameraman.

 Moms will do the thing. Tomomi & amp; Karin: For the Itadakimasu dinner, Tommy Napa makes a dish of pork strudel with pork from the butcher shop and Karin makes a beautiful onigiri. Therefore, in Japan, it is common for families to share the same bathwater even when there are several children of different ages. In the past, it was common for the father to use the bathroom first and the wife last, but these days the law is not being obeyed.

 Now she keeps Karen's clothes for tomorrow and prepares them for bed. Oh, no! Tommy finds it difficult to brush Karin's teeth. Tomomi often has to find different ways to convince Karin to brush his teeth. It usually takes 15-20 minutes for the car to lie down. Once asleep, Tommy finally has a chance to finish the chores, and she can use it herself anytime after that. How to plan your next seminar, Gokijen Life. He also has time to work on his Instagram. He tries to post every day to create awareness about what he does.

 So this is a day in the life of a Japanese housewife. As you can see, you now have your own free time. Your daughter is already asleep. So you have 12 hours two hours before bed.

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